Cecil Paul Studios fully understands that the 'boudoir' style images option offered by most photographers is something that 99% of us would never dream of undertaking. This is where our alternative approach to adult photography comes into its own.

We have worked with several internet based publications involving professional models and private individuals, both male and female, to provide high quality images worthy of printing and not just confined to being hidden away on a hard drive and forgotten about.

Many of our customers have an idea which they just believe can't be accomplished or where some photographers are not prepared to put the time and effort into producing such a quality image. If you have such an idea then give us a call and discuss what we can do for you.

We would like to remind you that all adults within Cecil Paul Studios are vetted to the enhanced level of the Disclosure & Barring Service formally known as the CRB check. All shoots are undertaken with at least one chaperone to the photographer or model and this is non negotiable for your safety and ours.

The image example below is from a client who wanted to create an image of her at one with the ocean. Easy enough until the mention of the moon is introduced. This was to add discussion to the connotations she felt would be within the image as a whole. The image is a long exposure of her laid within the shallows and turned all so slightly toward the moon.

The image is simply entitled 'Draw of the Moon'.



You may however wish to undertake something a little more controversial and thought provoking.




Of course you may want some more traditional selective studio images. We can undertake a full studio shoot with high key, low key and selective lighting options to provide you with a unique angle of imagery and style.

Discreet, subtle and somewhat more 'arty' to the standard boudoir image in the "Less is more" style.








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