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Images from the British Historic Racing VMCC Ltd Sunday racing at Cadwell Park in 2015 including -

Pre 1948 unlimited solo’s Tuers garage Championship
Pre 1963 upto 250cc solo Championship
1963 to 1972 upto 250cc solo championship
Pre 1963, 251 – 350cc solo Palletforce Championship
1963 to 1972, 251 – 350cc solo Goodwin Championship
Pre 1963, 351 – 500cc solo Footman James Championship
1963 to 1972, 351 – 500cc solo Bob Newby Championship
Pre 1973, 501 – 750cc, based on production bikes solo Three Bears Championship.
Pre 1963 over 500cc solo championship
1963 to 1972, over 500cc solo Woodland Oil Championship.
Formula BSA Bantam solo Rex Caunt Racing Championship
Lacey Ducati Single Cylinder Ducati’s upto 500cc championship to 1976
B.E.A.R.S. F1, F2 & F3 solo championships to 1985
D & M Engineering Championship Japanese Air Cooled championship for up to 500cc based on production bikes up to 1983
Sidecar outfits unlimited to 1958 championship
Sidecar based 3 wheelers of two valves per cylinder up to 1972 championship
Penguin Speed Shops: B3 Cyclecares, sidecar based 3 wheelers and Morgans unlimited championship up to 1972
P.B Mechanical Services Championship: B.E.A.R.S. sidecar outfits based on production bikes up to 1986
BSSO Geared Scooter championship
Not all classes may be covered.