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1. Unknown Refuge (Colour)2. Unknown Refuge (B&W)3. Dig Lazarus (Colour)4. Dig Lazarus (B&W)5. Cellar Door Moon Crow (Colour)6. Cellar Door Moon Crow (B&W)7. Oli Brown (Colour)8. Oli Brown (B&W)9. Inglorious (Colour)10. Inglorious (B&W)11. Bastette (Colour)12. Bastette (B&W)13. Steal The City (Colour)14. Steal The City (B&W)15. These Wicked Rivers (Colour)16. These Wicked Rivers (B&W)17. Ryders Creed (Colour)18. Ryders Creed (B&W)19. Revival Black (Colour)20. Revival Black (B&W)21. Bootyard Bandits (Colour)22. Bootyard Bandits (B&W)23. Daxx & Roxanne (Colour)24. Daxx & Roxanne (B&W)25. The Fallen State (Colour)26. The Fallen State (B&W)27. Mason Hill (Colour)28. Mason Hill (B&W)29. Stone Broken (Colour)30. Stone Broken (B&W)31. Loyds Trip (Colour)32. Loyds Trip (B&W)33. Yesterdays Gone (Colour)34. Yesterdays Gone (B&W)35. The Dark (Colour)36. The Dark (B&W)37. Liberty Lies (Colour)38. Liberty Lies (B&W)39. The Dukes Of Bordello (Colour)40. The Dukes Of Bordello (B&W)41. Ashen Reach (Colour)42. Ashen Reach (B&W)43. South Of Salem (Colour)44. South Of Salem (B&W)45. King Creature (Colour)46. King Creature (B&W)47. Black Spiders (Colour)48. Black Spiders (B&W)49. Phil Campbell & TBS (Colour)50. Phil Campbell & TBS (B&W)