From a single portrait, to a whole unique and special collection, Cecil Paul Studios is proud to offer a full set of options to capture your chosen images.


  • Our most popular option is for you can to attend our discreet, professionally equipped studio facilities in Brough, East Yorkshire. This option gives you full access to the different lighting solutions available for that perfect portrait you deserve. High Key, Low Key, Rembrandt to split lighting, with a choice of coloured backgrounds, your portrait will be as you want it.


All you have to do is enjoy your shoot.



  • Sometimes there are just too many people to mobilise to our studio and this is where we can attend a property, of your choice, with our fully mobile studio. Please bear in mind that to facilitate the use of our mobile infinity background a 3 meter wide space is required with sufficient room to also erect the flash units. A suitable 240v power supply is also required.

Below is an example of our mobile studio being used during a shoot. This was located within the kitchen giving suitable opportunity for those present to ​have several costume change images taken. There were also many members of the extended family and also friends who turned up for the party who had their images taken. A big thanks to Jo' and her extended family for an exceptionally fun evening . 

Example of our Mobile Studio in operation.

  • If you are looking for a completely different portrait Cecil Paul Studios can undertake a full location shoot with studio lighting. We have a fully portable power supply system for our studio lighting so from garden or field to mountain to boat we can capture that special pose in the location of your choice. Please be aware that some locations may require prior permission by the owner and may incur additional costs, set by the owners, for such shoots to take place.

Mobile Eg1Mobile Eg1


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