Cecil Paul Studio's are trained in Advanced Photoshop Techniques and thus are able to offer specialist portrait imagery options to all our clients. From skin softening to bespoke built sets Cecil Paul Studio's has the ability to deliver your imagination within any image.


Have us create an exclusive bespoke portrait image that shows your individuality.....



You could add someone to an image with their favourite cartoon characters.....



Of course you could be thinking about having a totally unique image created......



Ultimately you can commission Cecil Paul Studio's to design and build a set as we did below. This was a bespoke build project which required a "Cube" of 6x6x8ft being built and decorated. With the additional input of a fashion designer, hairdresser and makeup artist the following three images were created. Each image was printed to A2 in size before being professionally mounted and framed for display.




As every unique and specialist portrait differs in production costs please tell us

about your ideas and let us give you a no obligation price.


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